About Carnival En

A team of Carnival enthusiasts came together after a heartbreaking season of no Carnival. We could not have endured another year of Tabanca, the heartache caused when the one you love is gone. Our Love is Carnival, it drives us, it takes us to a place of euphoria, freedom, happiness, and this time we decide to take her somewhere. This sparked the vision for us to create a new festival to showcase the highs of Carnival and her essence for the people, like ourselves, who were heartbroken to see her canceled & locked away behind the cold reality of a global pandemic. 

 We had to become event architects & modernize the traditional concept of Carnival while maintaining the nostalgia. After culminating the highs and lows from our combined experiences from Carnival and with a win-win attitude we created, Carnival En. Yes, Carnival En, A Carnival festival without borders, creating a culture shift to give patrons an intimate worry-free first-class experience anywhere in the world. 

Our idea was conceived in April 2021 when we showcased Carnival En Cancun which was credited as the greatest Carnival festival of 2021 by our patrons.

 This experience made us regroup and think of ways to make our event even more memorable to all: 

To continuously drive the energy and vibes to an elevated level for all participants, Carnival En members.

 Fuse that energy with a weekend of worry-free resort chicness 

 We wanted to redefine what an all-inclusive experience should be like for our patrons. For example, at Carnival En events, the bartenders come to you. Tell them what’s your drink of choice and it will be brought to you. This allows every patron more time to focus on partying & less time waiting in long lines for drinks. No more lines, No more missing your favorite song, no more waving to get a bartender’s attention. 

So many changes we can talk about, however, it’s better to show you than tell you. So join us at the next Carnival En Destination! 🛩 🏝

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